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How to Spot a Fake Designer Bag?

Designer bags have become increasingly popular, as people prefer them for their refined quality and distinguished designs. They are a must-have accessory to complete any look, not only for carrying necessary items but also for adding a touch of style. Designer bags come in different styles and sizes, each belonging to a unique collection.

Both men’s and women’s designer bags are equally famous. 

Mini pouches are designed for casual use, while hand-carry and backpacks are suitable for different occasions.

Unfortunately, spotting a fake designer bag can be challenging, as counterfeiters have become more sophisticated in replicating high-end brands. However, there are several methods to help identify a fake designer bag.

However, some counterfeiters are selling fake designer bags, claiming they are original. To avoid being deceived, here are some pro tips on how to identify fake designer bags. It’s not that easy because they really look original at first glance, but one can identify their genuineness with some effort. 

Although counterfeit bags in the market can deceive you, real designer bags still bring perfection that is hard to replicate.

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How To Identify Fake Designer Bags

Let’s take a closer look at each aspect one by one.

  1. Upon close observation of the material, it is evident that the bag’s tone is uneven, which can be verified by rubbing its texture.Designer bags are made from high-quality materials, so if the bag feels cheap or flimsy, it is likely a fake. Individuals with experience using designer bags will be able to discern the difference. The texture of the original bag is very sleek and more scratch-resistant compared to its imitation counterparts.
  1. While using cheap copies, you may notice that they easily pick up water stains and quickly lose their color, especially when exposed to sunlight.
  1. Genuine designer bags feature even and consistent seams, with no loose threads or other signs of poor craftsmanship.
  1. It is always wise to verify the authenticity of a designer bag by checking it on the official website of the brand it belongs to.
  1. If you come across a significantly cheaper deal on an original branded bag, be cautious as genuine designer bags are typically expensive and never cheaper.
  1. Counterfeit bags can be identified by their low-quality zippers, clasps, and hardware which may show signs of wear or tarnishing. In comparison, designer bags use high-quality hardware that maintains its appearance and offers durability. Therefore, it is important to inspect the quality of the hardware when buying a designer bag to ensure its authenticity.
  1. When inspecting designer bags for authenticity, it is important to pay close attention to their logo, branding, and hardware. Genuine designer bags are meticulous about these details, and thus inconsistencies in logo placement, logo size, and logo alignment can be indications of a counterfeit bag.
  1. When it comes to authentic designer bags, quality is key. A well-constructed interior with a quality lining is a telltale sign of a designer bag. Take a closer look at the labels and tags inside the bag – well-executed labels, often with holographic or high-quality elements, are a true testament to the craftsmanship of designer bags. 
  1. When purchasing designer bags from outlets other than the official retailer, it’s important to inquire about the quality of the materials used and the collection name of the designer bag. Engage the salesperson in friendly conversation while inspecting the products, as this will make you appear knowledgeable about designer bags and help distinguish you from counterfeit sellers who may not be familiar with such details. This will enable you to accurately identify authentic designer bags and avoid purchasing fake ones.
  1. Designer bags often include additional packaging materials like tissue paper or packaging paper to enhance the presentation of their products, and their boxes are of high quality. Some international brands also use eco-friendly inner liner bags made of organic cotton, hemp, or similar materials. It is important to note that fake designer bags may have cheaper packaging in comparison.
  1. Authenticity cards, serial numbers, and care tags are often provided with designer bags in order to ensure their authenticity. It is important to carefully check these items for any misspellings, irregular fonts, or inconsistent formatting, as counterfeit bags often feature errors in these details. By paying close attention to these elements, you can help ensure that you are purchasing an authentic designer bag.
  1. It is common for designer bags to have unique serial numbers or date codes that can provide valuable information about the bag’s authenticity and origin. It is important to be caution while inspecting these codes and to look out for any inconsistencies or signs of tampering. Lack of these codes or any tampering can indicate a counterfeit product.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the brand you’re interested in, as different designer brands have unique characteristics in their original designer bags that counterfeiters may not accurately replicate.
  1. A branded bag should only be purchased from credible sources. Outlets or online marketplaces with little or no seller history or reviews should be avoided when purchasing branded bags. 
  1. Check the seller’s website and their reviews before purchasing or Visit Swankk store physically to buy authentic brands as we don’t sell online.

Note-  Try to avoid online designer bag shopping as you are spending a fortune on a designer bag it’s not wise to take online shopping risks. In most cases once you have purchased it online, you might be able to exchange it but you won’t be able to return it. 

The top international brands are known for their designer bags, but they are also expensive as they use pure materials that last for years. Since not everyone can afford the original brand bags, there are cheaper copies on the market available. Local brands produce these copies after international brands initiate a design and set a trend. 

Always be mindful when purchasing branded bags from top international brands. Remember, these bags are sold all over the world through various authorized sellers. To ensure your satisfaction, make sure to buy from authorized retailers and carefully examine the product. By being vigilant in your purchases, you can own a designer bag that brings you joy and confidence every time you carry it & a value for your money.

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