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Are these products original?

Yes, these products are 100% original.


Can I buy Swankk products online?

Yes, we now offer you the chance to buy international brands’ branded products online easily.


Do you have outlets in other cities ?

For now, we are just open in Beverly center, Islamabad. However, we do have the plan to open our outlets in other cities as well.


What is your return and exchange policy?

There is no return and no exchange policy.


Can we find your products on brands original websites ?

Yes, you can find these products on the brands’ original website


Are you planning to bring ladies shoes and accessories?

Yes, we are bringing ladies’ shoes and accessories soon.


What is the convenient way to approach you?

You can easily get in touch with us through email, call,  through website, or social media, our customer care service is always available for your queries.


How can I verify if its original or not?

You can verify the product authenticity through the barcode of the product by entering the barcode in the search bar of the given link. It will give you the complete detail of the product where it belongs.